Massage Services available to public starting June 1st!

So glad to be getting back into fully opened for booking as of June 1st. The schedule is full so call now to plan ahead for a session!

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Therapeutic Massage

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Owego Massage Nook
217 Main St, Owego, NY
(607) 354 1037

Who I am and what I love to do

I strive to both educate and guide my clients to health, wellness and balance, empowering them to live better, move with more ease and feel more satisfied with life.

My practice is open to anyone interested in connecting to some healing time on the massage table but I specialize in Veteran care. I have trained with Crouse Hospital in their Caring Hands, Caring Hearts for Veterans program.  I also have PTSD training as well as Emotion and Trauma processing techniques learned through education in Emotion Code Healing and EFT work.  


Client Feedback

"Professional, respectful, spiritual."

Rod R

Massage Client

"I am excited because this is the biggest shift I've seen!

K. P.

Energy Work/ Coaching Client

"Very personal, soothing and welcoming. My masseuse was attentive to my needs and highly skilled"

Alexis D

Massage Client

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“To keep our body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our minds strong and clear”