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The Owego Massage Nook has evolved into the Alternative Healing Practice, Align with Sarah!
All new massage clients can connect with Sarah though Shear Paradise Spa, McMaster St, Owego, NY.

Align with Sarah

Align with Sarah is a branch of Sarah's practice that extends into other forms of alternative healing. This work is offered through distance. All modalities (25 years of learning!) combine into sessions I like to call Restorative Healing. Have you ever told someone you were sending them virtual hugs and kisses? Have you ever thought about someone and then soon after run into them or they give you a call? Does your church or worship practice have a list of people on a prayer list? If so, you are using the concept of Universal Energy which is a thread that connects us all, connects us to the living entity of Mother Earth, and tethers us to a Higher Power. In my opinion, it connects us to the whole darn Universe! This concept is what we tap into when using Restorative Healing to heal chronic pain, sleep disturbance, financial struggle, relationship dysfunction, and body system dysfunction so my clients can celebrate lifelong arm pain, neck pain, back pain, or any kind of body pain ease in minutes. Life-long pain ease in minutes! You read that correctly. All the disruption in life you are noticing is just your body and your mind trying to communicate with each other. Restorative Healing sessions translate the conversation you are only "hearing" as symptoms (headache, fatigue, failed relationships, debt, addiction) and quiet them. I love using the analogy of comparing the dysfunction of trapped trauma or limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, that are keeping you from you your greatest life, to a 2-year-old child. Your subconscious mind wants something healed and it manifests situations, symptoms any disfunction to try to get your attention. When you finally stop to listen or rest or pay attention the 2 years will suddenly stop the tantrum and enjoy eyes on her. This is your inner child. This is what needs to heal. Sometimes she just wants to tell you that she loves you. Sometimes there are bigger things that need more tools like talk therapy, silent retreat to a monastery, regular yoga practice, or a mission trip with your spiritual group for example. Healing the mind and the body and spirit together is truly the best way to set up the optimal environment for you to heal you.

Find those supports. Reach out to me for help bringing all the work you are doing together. Heal the core problem so outside symptoms melt away. Awaken to empowered healing that is inspired by healthy energy emitted by you, for you, and received by everyone in your life (and the whole Universe!).

Can you tell that I love this stuff!?! 

Head over to the website designated to all this love for blog posts, IG feed, links to YouTube channel content, and online resources.  

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Owego Massage Nook
Align with Sarah ~ Emotion Code Practitioner
217 Main St, Owego, NY
(607) 354 1037

Who I am and what I love to do

I strive to both educate and guide my clients to health, wellness and balance, empowering them to live better, move with more ease and feel more satisfied with life.

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Client Feedback

"Professional, respectful, spiritual."

Rod R

Massage Client

"I am excited because this is the biggest shift I've seen!

K. P.

Energy Work/ Coaching Client

"Very personal, soothing and welcoming. My masseuse was attentive to my needs and highly skilled"

Alexis D

Massage Client

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“To keep our body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our minds strong and clear”


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