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Gift Bags

Embrace the Future with Owego Massage Nook
Gift Certificate!

Birthdays, Thank Yous, Gifts, Graduations, Holidays... Massage Gift Certificate is the perfect fit!

Things to know about how awesome Gift Certificates are:

  • They will not expire!

    • All GC that have been purchased in 2019 & 2020 and are still in your hand ~ they are good to go​! 

    • All 2021 purchased GCs have been redeemed (so there is clarity on why that year is not listed ; ) ).

    • Any GC purchased in 2022 will have an expiration date of 2 years.

  • Purchase price at the time of the purchase will pay for the service... even if prices go up!​​

  • Convenient, no contact, secure payment processing through PayPal ~ see the link below.​

  • Other payment options available:

    • mail me a check, get copy of GC emailed (or postal mail) to you​

    • email me if we need to figure something else out

Click here to purchase 60 minute Gift Certificate
Click here to purchase 90 minute Gift Certificate

**Gift Certificate is downloadable right after purchase**

Use the last 4 digits of the PayPal invoice number as the
GC # when filling in the certificate.

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