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Emotion Code Healing

Releasing underlying causes of dis-ease

We are always manifesting exactly what we are projecting from our subconscious mind. There is a kind of radio frequency emanating from our body (especially strongly from our hearts!) that is cascading a belief systems that filters all things. We will only ever see what we are ready to see and what our subconscious mind is looking for. Emotion Code Healing sessions use kinesthetic testing to ask the body what it's holding onto emotionally that is creating the frequency that is not serving our needs. Is it difficult making and saving money? or perhaps romantic relationships are hard for you? or does it always seem like you have a pain in your neck or your digestion is off but there is not anything specific that shows up for conventional medicine to explain? Many, many times this dis-ease is attached to past trauma that has not been processed by the mind, body and spirit. Alternative healing is a great companion to conventional medicine when one is looking for healing the root cause and not just treating symptoms! Emotion Code asks the questions to get to the root of the issues, and continues to work to releases the dysfunction with magnets and attention to meridians. Emotion Code sessions can be used to evaluate the body systems, balance energy, release trapped energy or release/establish new belief systems. Reiki training, Meridian Massage skills, Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge, Emotion Code Practitioner training and more all come together to help with this form of deep healing. Sessions run between 45 minutes to one hour and can be done on the phone or using Skype (or other app) video call.

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