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Total Quality Management was a term that I learned while in business school in the 90's. It was a buzz word back then that encouraged companies to work with consultants to check in on the function and compatibility of all departments and aspects of the business. I loved this term from first sight! It recognizes that the business is very similar to a living, flowing thing. There are strong areas, draining areas and everything in between. In my Coaching practice, I focus on bringing in connection to aspects of the business of being you! Total Quality Management of Aligning Your Life. We work to define areas of "being" that many times have fallen by the wayside the busier (more distracted) we become. Do you have time to engage every week in your favorite hobbies? How do you introduce yourself to a new friend? What past successes, failures, trauma do you attach to the description of yourself? What diagnosis do you turn to or think about often? All these things are events in your life at some point, but they are not who you are right now.  Life Alignment Coaching will help gather focus and define what is carried forward as light hearted wisdom and was is shed as waste. Emotion Code practices, Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Reiki work, connection to Blood Type Nutrition, Quantum Healing Beliefs, the arts of Feng Shui & Clutter Clearing Trainings, and more all come together as tools to support Life Alignment Coaching Clients as they define their values and empower themselves into success.  Coaching is offered in 3 month or 6 month packages to first time clients interested in this modality.  Returning clients have an additional option of an exclusive day working together (remotely). This one-on-one meeting runs 6 hours, including regular short breaks and a longer lunch break. This is best used to review successes, challenges, clear any new energetic blockages, clarify new goals and review ideas for further growth. I would love to talk to you more about how Life Alignment Coaching with Sarah can empower you, so please click the contact me button below or check out the new website I have dedicated just to Life Alignment Coaching with Sarah!


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