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Relaxation and reconnection to balance

Reiki energy is the energy of life. It is all around us. It is us. I believe it is the energy that flows between us and our Earth, moon and the whole Universe. When we are surrendered to this energy it is able to do its best work. Things like meditation, yoga or engagement in a hobby that creates a feeling of loosing track of time are all examples of letting the Reiki energy flow. When this surrender is done with others this energy is excited in a new way and super charges the effects. This is similar to one candle burning alone and the changes that happen to the candle flame when combined with another candle. Larger, brighter, warmer. During our distance Reiki sessions we will talk briefly over the phone then move into the work with session lasting anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour. As with all sessions, I love to offer take away information clients can incorporate into their healing path however works best for them.

Reiki: Services
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